4-3-2-1 - European Cooperation Day
Oct 08


Romania, Ukraine
08 Oct

The event focuses on a 2-step action, the last being the event-celebration of the collaboration.

We are focusing on SMMH’s (Sighetu Marmatiei Municipal Hospital, Romania) concern for life and health. This continuous preoccupation brought us in the situation of having 4 projects in implementation, together with 3 partners from Ukraine, through 2 European Programs (HUSKROUA and ROUA) which are financed by 1 European Neighborhood Instrument.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate collaboration and friendship with our neighbors from Ukraine.

The event will highlight what transnational collaboration means, what we manage to do with these funding, what are the key elements for the success of the collaboration and what are the results obtained and / or pursued and what is the expected impact (outcomes).

The 2 stages of the action are:

1) launching a challenge in the communities of all (Sighetu Marmatiei, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rakhiv, Solotvino) to the general public on the one hand and to their own staff, on the other hand, to send their answer to 3 questions:

  1. a) what does an international collaboration mean;
  2. b) what are the key words of a successful collaboration;
  3. c) what needs I think should be solved in the next period, on the health line.

2) development of an outdoor conference event, held on October, 8th

The financing programs will be presented, the projects in implementation, interventions from the participants in the projects through which each one will present what this participation means for him. A collage of the received answers of stage 1 will be made and presented (complete or selection, depending on the number of answers received at stage 1).

All participants in stage 1 and present at the event in any of the 4 localities will receive promotional materials (cup, umbrella, pen, stick, bag – one of them).

All participants in the event will receive informative and promotional materials for ENI Programs.

The event of the Sighet will be broadcast live to the partners and there will be live interventions from them.

All transmitted material will be subtitled or translated simultaneously in case of additional interventions.

The event will be filmed and broadcast on the local TV station in the next evening and on weekends.