Adventure orienteering game "walk VVALK" - European Cooperation Day
Sep 17

Adventure orienteering game “walk VVALK”

Valga, Estonia
17 Sep - 19 Sep
00:00 - 22:00


An adventure orienteering game “walk VVALK” will be open on the Roadgames platform for anybody, who is ready to visit Valga and Valka – the twin cities on the Estonia-Latvia border from 17 to 19 September.

Game participants

Participants, in a 2 to 5 person teams, will have to try to save as many points as possible by performing a variety of exciting tasks within the 2 hours available for the game. This will be a great opportunity to get to know Valka and Valga from another point of view, find out something new and interesting to spend time with friends or family. The teams will be able to start the game at their preferred time in any of the days in Valga and Valka, from 17.09. at 00:00. The latest time to start the game is 19.09 at 22:00.


For playing, each participant needs to download the Roadgames application on the phone and register as a team in it. Instructions in Latvian and Estonian languages will be available both online and printed in the Tourism Information Centers during their working time.