Central Baltic hike by Lake Peipsi - European Cooperation Day
Sep 26

Central Baltic hike by Lake Peipsi

Alatskivi, Estonia
26 Sep - 26 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

To celebrate European Cooperation Day, Central Baltic Estonian Contact Point and projects Lakesperience and Forest Trail invite you to hike and bike by lake Peipsi.

In order to discover hiking trails and main sights, go to visitpeipsi.com.

Project teams and Contact Point Estonia will be biking in the route of Alatskivi-Kolkja-Kasepää-Varnja-Kolkja (23km) and hiking around Lossijärve on Alatskivi hiking trail (4,5km).

As large public events are no longer recommended, we invite you to go through the routes on your own and post photos on social media with hashtags #CBwalks, #Interreg30, #ECDay2020.

What are projects Lakesperience and Forest Trail all about?

Project Lakesperience aims to connect the lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi in Tampere Finland, lakes Åsunden, Järnlunden and Stora Rängen in south of Linköping, Sweden, lake Peipsi in Estonia and lake Burtnieks in Latvia as a joint tourist attraction. The project provides opportunities for lake tourism companies to develop their services especially for the German market. Above all, a joint Nordic-Baltic Lake Trails – marketing message will be created during the project for marketing the lake areas and related tourism products for German tourists.

Goal of project Forest Trail is to develop a long distance cross border hiking tourism route along the forest from Riga to Tallinn. The Forest trail will begin in Riga, then cross Gauja national park, Ziemaļgauja and Veclaicene. In Estonia will continue through the Setomaa, along lake Peipsi and further along the coast of Northern Estonia to Tallinn. The Forest Trail will guide hikers through ca 1050km of most beautiful nature territories as they would follow the map the marked route, with a map or a mobile device in hand. Walking distances will cover of average 20km per day. The Forest trail will include all forest types and wildlife features typical of the Baltic States.