Contest ⚔️: tell us your Sudoe story! - European Cooperation Day
Jul 10

Contest ⚔️: tell us your Sudoe story!

Santander, Spain
10 Jul - 04 Sep
00:00 - 00:00

Are you ready for the big contest of the year? Are you a great storyteller? Do you like writing? Taking pictures? Making videos? If your answer to one of these three questions is yes, this  for you! 

Participating is very simple: choose a Sudoe project and send us a narration, a photo or a video that illustrates the project. Do not be afraid to be creative and if you feel inspired, do not hesitate to participate more times, because there are no limits!

The contest is open until 04th September, 2020. Once the participation period expires, you will find all the works on a specific section of our website and the public will have few weeks to vote for the best ones.

So, will you miss the opportunity to become the new J.K Rowling, Doisneau or Scorsese? ☺

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