Cooperation stories Mediterranean: workshop, film festival and networking to celebrate Ec Day - European Cooperation Day
Oct 09

Cooperation stories Mediterranean: workshop, film festival and networking to celebrate Ec Day

BARI, Italy
09 Oct - 09 Oct
09:30 - 17:30

Cooperation stories in the Mediterranean: this was the slogan to celebrate the 30 years of Interreg and the European cooperation Day 2020 edition. Meeting, exhibition, film festival and a networking event have been the occasions to celebrate the  project results during Levante Fair held in Bari, on 9 October 2020.

The conference  “Cooperation for Tourism and Culture in the Mediterranean area” focused on tourism and culture best practices, implemented through the synergic work between strategic mainstreaming programme and European Territorial Cooperation programme in the Mediterranean: an event to know and celebrate the results of cooperation and to think about the common values as peace, security, inclusion and progress on the basis of the next programming period.

The Film Festival “The journey and the memory”  with screening of 1o short films produced by CIAK project, led by Apulia Film Commission, was the occasion to celebrate the common history of Greece and Italy, through film stories, written by young directors and screenwriters in order to promote the cultural heritage with film tourism.

The Networking event “Cooperation work creates enterprise” was a networking among the start-ups trained and supported by several funded projects of Interreg Greece-Italy Programme,  The start-ups born from the cooperation projects Craft-Lab, Incuba, Pit Stop, Sparc and Traces presented their experiences, ideas and future perspective. An event to share cooperation stories, contaminate the different worlds of start-ups and sow the seeds of networking for future planning.

Craft-Lab exhibition “From residencies to design and art start-ups: regenerating craftsmanship” debuted with its own exhibition with the artworks realized by start-ups and young artists during the laboratories of fabrics, mosaic and ceramics that took place last year in Martina Franca, Gravina di Puglia, Grottaglie in Italy and Corfu, Lefkada and Cephalonia in Greece.