EC-Day in Denmark - European Cooperation Day
Sep 21

EC-Day in Denmark

Sønderborg, Denmark
21 Sep - 04 Oct
00:00 - 00:00


This year the programme Interreg Deutschland-Danmark is part of an exhibition across Denmark to celebrate the European Cooperation Day.

With a focus on Danish participation in cross-border projects, an exhibition is planned to present different projects in the fields of YOUTH, GREEN and NEIGHBOR.

Interreg Deutschland-Danmark is planning three exhibitions across Southern Denmark presenting five projects. Come and join our celebration of cooperation and friendship across the Danish-German border.

Note: all posters are in Danish.


Our participating projects

KursKultur 2.0 and kultKIT 2 for NEIGHBOR:
To break down barriers in meetings between Danish und German citizens – this is the common aim of the projects “KursKultur 2.0” and “kultKIT2”.

Culture doesn’t know borders! However, there are still a lot of citizens in the Danish-German border region that don’t have any or just little knowledge about the culture or language of the other side of the border. The projects’ aim is to contribute in a way so that both regions grow closer together. Language- and culture-related barriers are to be broken down through meetings between children, youth people and adults.


MatKult for YOUTH:
Math is more than addition and subtraction – it is a common language and a cultural value that connects people.

Danish and German are two different languages. However, in the project “MatKult – Mathematic-culture with border-value”, math is being used to connect language and people. Math shall be used as a core element of communication, exchange and cooperation across the border, so that the mutual understanding of the other culture can be achieved. With the abstraction and uniqueness of math across national, ideological and religious borders, it is accepted everywhere and seen as a language that is being universally understood. Therefore, it is useful to use math as an intercultural bridge between Germany and Denmark.


PE-Region Platform for GREEN:
Sustainable development through green products: the project “PE-Region Platform” focuses exactly on the topic in the German-Danish border region and wishes to optimize the management and usage of electricity. The method used is called power electronics: hereby, energy can be converted from one form to another. The market for sustainable and alternative energy is rising. “PE-Region Platform” secures that the Danish and German involvement in the process of sustainable development and contributes to dealing with global environment- and climate challenges. In between sharing knowledge and research with companies, new possibilities arise and ideas for products that citizens can benefit from.


Better education changes, an attractive labor market and higher awareness in the neighbor country: this is the project “RE-BAL”. Both in Germany and in Denmark, there is a lack of trained workers. A better understanding of the different legal cases, practical chances and education-related challenges should contribute to a cross-border labor market. “RE-BAL” points out all the chances related to education and workplaces on the other side of the border that appear for employees, trainees and employers as well as companies. This happens for example through internships, workshops and exchanges that contribute in a way that people from Germany and Denmark share their experiences with one another, meet new people and learn from each other.


Where and When?

Borgen Sønderborg (open for everyone) – September 21 – October 4

SDU Sønderborg (open for students and staff only) – September 21 – September 25

A.P. Møller Skolen Schleswig (open for students and staff only) – September 18 – September 25