European Cooperation Day 2020 - BRIDGING WATERS - European Cooperation Day
Sep 18

European Cooperation Day 2020 – BRIDGING WATERS

Räpina, Estonia
18 Sep - 18 Sep
13:00 - 16:00

This year Estonia-Russia CBC Programme is celebrating the European Cooperation Day on Friday, 18 September in Räpina harbour, Estonia.

Event focuses on environmental protection and entrepreneurship. Through recreational activities, interactive entertainment  “Game of Estonia on the border of Europe” we introduce the opportunities for business and tourism that Lake Peipsi and CBC offer, get to know the neighbors, as well introduce  developments what are already conducted in the frame of cross border cooperation projects. Workshops will provide opportunity to get acquainted with border guards’ work and equipment and offer other exciting involvement.

As border crossing opportunities are limited today, on European Cooperation Day we will greet our partners from Pskov region, Russia via video bridge.

Open-air activity is primarily aimed at youth and students of Räpina region.

Lake Peipsi is the largest trans-boundary lake in Europe, lying on the border between Estonia and Russia.

This event is organized in cooperation with Räpina Municipality and Estonia-Russia CBC Programme project “Common Peipsi 2”.

Due to the spread of COVID-19, the number of participants in the event might be limited.

Please visit the PHOTO GALLERY of the event HERE.