“Imagine there’s no borders!” - European Cooperation Day
Oct 11

“Imagine there’s no borders!”

Poienile de Sub Munte, Romania
11 Oct

The collaboration between people, between neighbors, between the European Union and its neighbors does not take into account borders, but the desire of people to work together, to have common results, to feel the same. We chose as the title of the action this very well-known verse of the Beatles band because we believe that this is the concept of collaboration, without limits, without borders, for the well-being of society, of the communities.

The event we are proposing starts from a precedent held last year on October 11, when, for a few hours, a border point was opened between Romania and Ukraine on Mount Copilas (the southern slope belongs to Romania, the northern slope to Ukraine).

In the picturesque mountain landscape, we propose a meeting between officials, NGOs, past, implementing or future project partners for the exchange of ideas and for the joy of being together, of collaborating. The challenge that the crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has subjected us to forces us to turn to creativity more than ever. Thus, in a clean environment, at altitude and outdoors, we can hold a meeting in health safety situations.

We have requested a prior agreement from the Border Police, because this organization is the one that will put into practice the opening of the border point.

In that area there are 2 buildings, used in the past by the border picket, one of them is now a cottage for mountain workers. In this cottage we can have the meeting, in case of bad weather. The organizers will ensure the access of the participants to the meeting point, starting from Poienile de sub Munte Commune, respectively Verhovina City. The list of participants will be approved in advance by the Border Police (1 week before the event), and participants must have a valid passport on them.During the event, the cross-border programs will be presented, 2 projects already implemented, 2 projects being implemented and we will discuss future projects, thoughts, desires and needs, in a festive atmosphere.We will also organize a sports entrance between the participants.